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 How it will work

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How it will work Empty
PostSubject: How it will work   How it will work EmptySun Jun 08, 2008 1:00 pm

ok so i will post the list of the free agents. these are the rules

1. to post an offer copy the players stats and post them as the topic. if there is already a topic for the player post the offer there. if there is more than a topic for 1 player i will only keep the one with the most posts i will delete the rest.

2. there will be no offer HIGHER than 8M. if there is i wont put it in. i also wont allow insane offers like 6M for oleg saprikin. and guys doesnt mean that some person put in an offer 100000 higher than they will get him. it all depends on where the player wants to play. if i see the offers keep going up until its rediculous. then i will delete the entire topic. and dont try to sign a player to a oneyear contract so that you can resign them for lower. it doesnt work. the player will want just as much money as they were signed for.

so have fun Very Happy
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How it will work
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